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Do you have a message you want to share or something to teach? Or do you just want to make people laugh, or inform? If you’re truly ready to get out there, then I want to help you! I can be your Podcast Producer!

Get your BIG ideas out there! Let me help produce your podcast!

Your Big Ideas…
Skills & Knowledge…

Meet… Your Podcast!

I’d Love to Help

Podcasts are quickly becoming THE go-to medium to get out there and be heard. More importantly, it’s a truly great educational medium to deliver ideas and lessons effectively and enjoyably.

Millions are turning to podcasts as a source for entertainment, learning, and inspiration. I wanted to incorporate all those elements into my podcast, More Than A Story, and I want to help you do the same for your BIG IDEA!

Start with my FREE Recording Guide and then take a look below at all the ways I can help. You can also use this page as a guide and checklist for yourself. All the things that need to get done to have an amazing sound for your podcast.

Contact me here, and we can talk through every question and concern you have!

FREE Recording Tips & Best Practices PDF Guide!

Good audio production starts with a good recording, so I put this little cheat sheet together to help you out!

Level I: Getting Started

I also like to call this Pre-Production. Together, we’ll go from ideation to you being ready to record and upload your first episode. Here’s what we’ll do:

Purpose and Goals

Before we start anything, it’s important we answer the two most important questions. Purpose and Goals. These will guide us going forward in all of our future decisions.

  • Establish The Purpose of Your Show
    • What will your listeners get from it?
      • Knowledge, Inspiration, a Laugh, etc.
  • Establish The Goals of Your Show
    • What do you hope to get out of it? 
      • New Clients, Reach, Influence, etc. 


Let’s get creative. I think it’s important to know all your options beyond the basic Interview Style format. There are many other options and we should explore the various ways to present your material to best deliver your Purpose and meet your Goals.

  • Deciding on the overall path of your show
  • Serial vs. Episodic
  • Seasons vs. Continuous
  • Interview vs. Scripted
  • Structure
  • Theme(s)

Setting Up

After we take all these steps, you’ll be ready to record your first episode. You’ll know where to upload your audio files, and where to send people to listen to them.

  • Show Name and Cover Design
  • Hosting Service
  • Getting on Listening Platforms (Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, etc.)
  • Writing Episode Description
  • Choosing Episode Categories
  • FREE Recording Tips & Best Practices

Level II: Production

Imagine you’ve recorded your podcast. Woo! But, how do you make the audio sound professional? How do you insert your show’s intro, mix in music and sound effects if applicable? What about putting ads in? I can help put all these elements together for you. Send me the audio, and out the other end is your professionally produced podcast to be uploaded. Here’s what I’ll do. Also, some examples of my work.


This is especially important and needed for scripted podcasts, but still crucial for the unscripted ones. Editing starts with a good recording. So, get my recording best practices worksheet for FREE. Here’s what else I’ll do:

  • Remove & Reduce Noise
  • Adding Pauses, Inserting Ad Breaks, etc.
  • Removing Bad Takes
  • Removing Breaths When Possible

Mixing & Mastering

Have you ever listened to an interview and one speaker is very LOUD and another very soft? It’s frustrated toggling the volume up and down. Or they have background music that’s too loud and distracting. That’s just a few of the things I’ll take care of for you.

  • Adding and Blending Music, Effects, Transitions, etc.
  • Adjusting and Balancing Audio Levels
  • Mixing for Stereo (Panning)
  • Compression & EQ


I will upload your audio directly into the Hosting sight so it gets distributed everywhere. Now all you need to do is promote it!

  • Mp3 & Mp4 Files
  • ID3 Tagging (the data of your file)
  • Upload to Hosting Site and Listening Platforms

Here’s What Editing and Mixing Looks Like When I’m Done : )

Here's one of my mixes for a podcast I produced.

Level III: Full Production

This is like an “a la carte” menu to help see some of the other pieces and parts that go into a podcast and how I can help you further. Whether you need someone to write some intro/outro music for your show or a scriptwriter, let’s talk.

Show Runner

  • Regularly assisting with episode direction, theme, seasons, etc.
    • Researching guests
    • Researching questions
    • Booking/scheduling with guests
    • I’m present during the recording of shows for feedback and any technical support/assistance of any kind.

Per Ep. Services

  • Episode Transcription & Time-Stamps
  • Pulling Quotes for Social Media Posts
  • Creating Audio Clips (for promotion)
  • Creating Episode Blog Post (WordPress)
  • Email Created and Scheduled
  • Help with Social Media Material
  • Writing
    • If opting for a scripted show I can write first drafts, edit drafts, and so on.

One Time Services

  • Music
    • Writing & Creating the music for your show’s intro and outro.
  • Creating Email Templates and Blog Post Templates (WordPress) for Easy Promotion


Reach out to me and we can discuss whatever you want and need for your podcast. Tell me where you are on your journey so far, your concerns, and any thoughts or questions you have. Also, please leave some days and times that you’d be available for a phone call or Zoom call.

Some Examples

For the best representation of my work, listen to the latest episode of More Than A Story. Here are some clips from that to point out specific things:

Intro to The Show

My intro comes after the first scene of the story to get people hooked first. Key things I like to point out about the script I wrote for it: I explain the show within a sentence or two, then there’s a statement to provide a reason to stay until the very end, and finally a little about myself and my mission. I also wrote the music.

A Fun Speech

This shows some music I’m proud to have written, my ability to perform my scripts, and to make a really cool moment that feels exciting and intense. There’s a rising build-up throughout this episode’s story that leads to the main character re-accepting his role as, “The Teacher.” This is that moment : )

Back and Forth Convo

This is from my scripted episodes of two characters talking to each other (Note: the wind in the background, is an audio effect and is supposed to be there). If you have headphones or stereo speakers, you’ll notice that each voice has a place in your head. Some more in the left ear, and some more in the right ear. If this were an interview podcast, we can do something similar to help the listener follow who’s speaking when there are many voices.