Original Stories, Original Music, and Hidden Messages all for your entertainment and advancement in your personal growth journey.

The Podcast


This Podcast is unlike anything you’ve listened to before. Each episode is an original short story written by yours truly. I also write all the music to accompany the story to truly make it an entertaining experience. Every story has hidden messages that we’ll discuss at the end of every episode. The messages in each story are to focus on a specific perspective or idea that can help us on our journies towards a happier life full of meaning and purpose. The corresponding Blog posts include a summary of the story, including the main points to take away. The Blog may also contain downloadable exercises from that episode to further help you implement these ideas into your day to day life. Self-discovery and self-development should be fun, and that’s the goal with this podcast. I hope you enjoy these stories, and I hope they fill your day with optimism, belief, joy, and love.

Coming September 5th with, “The Toy Rocket”!