Design Your Life:

Like An Architect

Design Your Life: Like an Architect is a unique course to help you define your direction in life, put your passions to work, create a blueprint of your life, and then put it into action!

Design Your Life: Like An Architect

A Course for Life

This course teaches a process for discovering your direction in life, creating a blueprint around your desires and passions, and putting it all into action.

Course Includes:

  • Step-By-Step Course-Book (76 page PDF with space to work on exercises)
  • Direct Email Support (click to learn more below)
  • The Archives (password-protected page of additional resources)
  • Weekly, one on one, online, Zoom sessions with Derek
  • 10% off any additional one-on-one sessions booked within 5 weeks of purchasing either the DIY or GUIDED options.

It’s Time to Design Your Life!

This course follows the mindset of an Architect designing a building. If you were that Architect, where would you begin? What questions need answering first, second, and so on?

I discovered that the process of designing anything, creating anything, is the same. So, we use this analogy of the Architect and apply it to our own lives. The key is that it’s a process designed to be repeated throughout your life. As you change, the course changes with you!

Yet, you’re not just buying a course. You’re buying unlimited email support to ensure that you get the best results. The steps in the course-book are easy to follow, but sometimes we need a fresh pair of eyes or an outside opinion. I’m here to help! Learn more about the support that comes with this, here.

Know Your Direction in Life

Put Your Passions to Work

Create Your Blueprint

Live Out Your Design!

Courses to help you grow. The Architect Program teaches how to design your life like an architect designs a building!

Take A Peek Inside The Design Your Life Coursebook!

the Design Your Life: Like an Architect course-book is a 76 page pdf document with step-by-step instructions and exercises to help you create the life of your dreams!

Five Parts

There are five parts to Design Your Life: Like an Architect: Purpose, Desires, Interests, Careers, and Action.

The book is broken into FIVE PARTS based on five major life-design questions: Purpose, Desires, Interests, Careers, and Action.


The exercises in the Design Your Life: Like an Architect course-book help you uncover the answers to the big questions posed in each part. They're easy to follow with tips, instructions, checklists, and things to avoid.

Each part includes one or more exercises. The exercises all have instructions, tips to do them well, and tips for things to avoid.


The archives are at the end of every part in the Design Your Life: Like an Architect coure-book. They include additional resources to help you get the most out of the program.

At the end of each part, I provide extra resources that will be helpful if you’re stuck or want to explore things a little further.


When you've finished the Design Your Life: Like an Architect course, there is a graduation present waiting for you at the end! The journey doesn't stop!

When you reach the end… a FREE graduation present awaits you : ) The support for designing your life keeps on going!

Want to Dive Deeper?

The Five Parts to Life Design

The first question we need to answer when designing ANYTHING is… What’s the purpose? If it’s a building, are we trying to create shelter, aka housing? Or are we trying to create the tallest building? Get it? The same goes for our life, and I’ll walk you through a series of short exercises to help you become aware of your own Purpose.

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Once we know the reason for the building we’re designing (or our life) we want to start imagining all we want it to be. All the finer details that we want. For a building, it could be how many windows, color, wood or metal, height, location, smart home, off the grid. For our lives? It’s about our desires in all the areas of our life. From our Relationships to our Health and more.

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It’s time to start imagining how it’s all going to come together. The first step along that route is to determine what tools we have at our disposal? And for our life, it’s what interests us? What do we enjoy and love? What do we like? I’m going to walk you through how to do this and leave you with an awesome Bonus exercise to make Part 4 (Careers), really come alive.

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It’s time to take our tools and skills and put them to use in “crafty” ways. It’s time to come up with career options, or entrepreneurial options. We’re going to come up with amazing and interesting ideas to give you more than enough to choose from. This is what most of you came here for and you won’t be disappointed.

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You’ve outlined all the major pieces of your life. You’ll now have an amazing plan. Some ideas might be set in stone, and others more flexible. Either way, to make this dream-life a reality, we need to set an amazing foundation. I’ll walk you through great ways to do this and The Archives here include some of my favorites! After this, you’ll be ready to go out and live the amazing life you’ve designed!

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Free Support Included!

Unlimited Email Support For 5 Weeks!

Ask Questions + Get Feedback on Your Answers

Why would I do this? Great question and the reason is simple. I want you to succeed with this! I want you to get all the results you expect and then some more.

You’re trusting me with your purchase here, and I take it to heart. I know that if you put the effort into the exercises, really sit down and focus on them, the results will transform your life. But, I want to be there with you on the journey to make sure no stone goes unturned.


This book, and Derek’s support really jumpstarted my career as an entrepreneur. It helped me really hone in on my passions, and most importantly, my purpose. I had no idea what to make of my purpose or why it’s so important. After we went through that though it was like a light bulb went off in my head. It made so much sense why, and I think it would’ve taken me forever to figure out that it’s worth knowing, let alone figuring out what it is! I’m ready to conquer the World now… in a nice way!

I can’t stress enough to anyone reading this how happy I am that I took the chance to work with Derek (The Roaming Scholar!). I knew the things I loved and was passionate about, but this book, and Derek, helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together. He was just so good at helping me identify the things holding me back, and helping me see solutions with more ease. Now that I finished the book, I feel confident and excited about where I’m heading and where I’m at already!

Derek showed me how to find my direction and put my passion and purpose together to create a business that fulfills me every day!

I was lost, but after working through this book, that all disappeared. I’m happy with my career and I’m living according to my own design! No more anxiety about my future. I know where I’m going and why I’m going there.

Design Your Life: Like an Architect!

Course Includes:

  • Lifetime Access (whoop whoop!)
  • Step-By-Step Course-Book (76 page PDF with space to work on exercises)
  • FOR the DIY option, you’re purchasing the e-book and plan to go through the exercises in the book on your own. However, you still also get…
  • Direct Email Support (click to learn more below)
  • The Archives (password-protected page of additional resources)
  • Weekly, one on one, online, Zoom sessions with Derek (*Guided option)
Courses to help you grow. The Architect Program teaches how to design your life like an architect designs a building!

Still Not Sure?

What’s Your Concern?

I get it. Dropping extra cash on courses often feels scary. Two things to put your mind at ease.
First, is that I want nothing but five-star testimonials and raving reviews. The way I get that is by helping you succeed and walking away feeling awesome. Hence the unlimited email support. If you use it, I know you’ll be talking about this course to everyone you know!
Second, is that it’s your life! If you’re that concerned about the price tag, it’s easily gained back by skipping that Starbucks coffee for a couple of weeks. A small sacrifice for your future happiness, don’t you think? I could be wrong, though. I do love a good Starbucks coffee ; )

Yes! But, here’s the thing: the days of taking a career test, picking the best career from a list, and sticking with it for decades are over. With this course, the process you’ll learn will enable you to discover the best path or paths for you right now. Even better, is that when life experience changes you, this course and this process are there to find you the next best path.
We’re always evolving, and our work and career should change with us. The one thing that won’t change, though, is what we begin the course with—purpose. That’s why we start there because it will be your guiding force throughout your life. The rest is about discovering, knowing, and choosing the best path right now. This course will help you do that. Another reason for giving you lifetime access!

Two options. First, is I offer one-on-one coaching packages that you can add on to this course. We meet over Zoom, and I use their online white-board to help explain things. I’ll also allow you to record those sessions to re-watch anytime. I’m all about that lifetime access!
Second option: if that’s not a possibility for you, I’ll find another way to help you. Remember, I really, really want you to succeed here and I’ll ensure you do one way or another.
Just one last thing: I doubt you’ll have that kind of trouble! I’ve laid these steps out really well so anyone can walk through it on their own. But, if you’re worried, I got your back!

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