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Keeping an Eye on the Positive

Our mind is a powerful thing. The thoughts we let in (positive or negative), the ideas we let in, and so on, have a major effect on our well-being. The example of the placebo effect can give us enough proof of that. Check out this article, or this article if you’re not sure what I mean, or want to dive deeper. Ultimately, what we believe in can influence our physical health. What we focus on can influence our success, our level of stress, and so on. It all comes down to mindset.

Short Stories

BENT (It’s up to you…)

(MYSTERY/SCI-FI) DETECTIVE NATE ORION was told the scene would be unlike anything he’d ever witnessed before. Rookies, he thought. Yet, when he arrives, he’s forced to agree. Orion’s investigation leads to a disgraced Professor and his former TA, Emilia Eaves. Together, Orion and Eaves try to track down Professor Müller, because the one thing they are both sure of, is that Müller will strike again…

Science Fiction Short Stories

TRANSFERENCE (You Have To Choose)

(SCIENCE FICTION) RICK thought he could leave it all behind, all the fighting, the war, the violence. Yet, in the peaceful and serene Sequoia National Forest, an ancient war, and a secret technology of world-ending proportions draw Rick back into a life of conflict. Soon, he’s forced to make a choice:  stand by his convictions and leave the fate of the universe to chance, or do the thing he swore to never to do again–kill in the name of saving life.

Drama Mystery Short Stories

HIDDEN TREASURES (Always Be Yourself)

(MYSTERY/DRAMA) – Katie receives a letter from her recently deceased mother. In the letter is a treasure map full of riddles; however, the treasure will not be what Katie imagines… it’ll be so much more! Enjoy this feel-good story!

Blog The Architect Program

(5/5) ACTION – The Machine of Life

Bring it back around

Your blueprint is in your hand! Holy cow, batman! Galloping gargoyles! Golly gee… ok, I’ll stop. Seriously though, it’s an incredible feeling when we finish a creation of any kind. And finishing a blueprint for our lives… even more so! But, now what? As the architect, what do we do next? Well… it’s time to build the thing! It’s time to put our plan into action and see our design come to life. Building something, though, is a whole other process that ends up opening up a new round of questioning. Just like how we started in part 1, we need to ask, “Where do we begin?” The answer:  The Foundation.