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Original short stories for your entertainment, with original music and audio effects to add to the experience. Listen after the story to hear the takeaway idea and leave feeling optimistic, inspired and just… great! The goal here is simple: to fill your day with something good. I hope you enjoy these stories, and I hope they fill your day with optimism, belief, joy, love, and a little fun!





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You’ll also find an audio player in each story page below if you’d like to listen right here on the website. Listen, read, and dive into a short takeaway idea after each story to fill your day with something good! Let’s have some fun! Now, where to start?

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science fiction short story.

TRANSFERENCE (You Have To Choose)

(SCIENCE FICTION) RICK thought he could leave it all behind, all the fighting, the war, the violence. Yet, in the peaceful and serene Sequoia National Forest, an ancient war, and a secret technology of world-ending proportions draw Rick back into a life of conflict. Soon, he’s forced to make a choice:  stand by his convictions and leave the fate […]

Hidden Treasures - Always Be Yourself

HIDDEN TREASURES (Always Be Yourself)

(MYSTERY/DRAMA) – Katie receives a letter from her recently deceased mother. In the letter is a treasure map full of riddles; however, the treasure will not be what Katie imagines… it’ll be so much more! Enjoy this feel-good story!

The Missing Sheriff

(WESTERN) – PARKER lives in a small forgettable town, existing behind the scenes, and, like the other six residents, ignoring the long-abandoned Sheriff’s station. This is all about to change when three bandits ride into their small world and force a break in their comfortable routines.