Doesn’t get any better!

It was an excellent experience. Derek is the nicest guy you could ask for and very intelligent. His use of technology to have all your work right there in front of you is really helpful. He does a good job of making the online tutoring sessions very organized. He is also very well rounded and is able to help in many subjects. So far I’ve used him for ap physics and geometry and I’ve made massive improvements because of it. I will definitely see him for more sessions in the future.


I’ve worked with Derek for about 3 years now and he’s made things so much easier for me! We started with Algebra II, then SAT Math along with test strategies, and now he’s helping me with Calculus. The best thing to say is that I got the grades and scores I wanted and needed because of him and our sessions were always fun which is saying something because I’ve always hated math! The online sessions are great too. I was hesitant at first, but after the first session, I was hooked. Getting the free recording and notes, plus the convenience of being at home made it great. Derek was always there to answer questions even outside of our sessions as well which was amazing. Sometimes you just need help on that one homework problem and he’d always help through text or email. Can’t say enough how happy I am that I chose to work with Derek.