I am currently not accepting new students, as my schedule is full. Please feel free to contact me anyway for future consideration. Thanks!

Professional & Fun (it’s true!) Tutor with Over 10 Years Experience & Results! (see reviews and testimonials below)

online tutor with ten years tutoring experience
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Worst joke ever? Or totally worth it? You decide ; ) While you think on that, let these quick links get you to what you’re looking for.

All About Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is the name of the game. Not sure what that entails? I love explaining it because it’s truly amazing!

Online tutoring whiteboard
meet anywhere with online tutoring
scheduling tutoring is easier than ever!

Online Session Example

Online Tutoring Summary

  • All sessions are live and one-on-one (unless you’ve signed up for a group session that is…) just as if I were there in person.
  • Free recording of each session (if you want)
  • Online whiteboard where I write notes and work out problems.
  • All those notes and problems are saved and emailed to students or parents at the end of every session as PDF files.
  • If students have a worksheet or a test we’d like to go over, they can take a picture and send it to me. Then, I bring that image up onto our screens and I can again write on the worksheet or test and send all that to the student at the end of the session.
  • No travel!
  • Scheduling made easy as you can book right from my website, choosing from available times. If you don’t see availability, send me a text and we’ll see what we can work out!
  • In case I get sick, I can still tutor. If you’re sick, you can still learn if you’re up for it!

there's so much we can do with online tutoring! The details of all the features could fill a stack of books!

Tutoring Subjects

These are the subjects I specialize in, ranging from middle school level to AP & college level.


Any Questions, Any Time

One of the things I offer all my students, whether you’re in a group or work with me solely one-on-one, is that you can ask me a question any time. If we’re not scheduled for a session until three days from now, send me a text or email with your question. I respond fast… as fast as I can! This is all at no additional charge, because it’s just the right thing to do and I’m happy to do it!

Reviews & Testimonials

The Next Level!

Create a Group!

It's My 10+ Years of Expertise at "Just Graduated College" Prices!


  1. Lower Cost for Everyone!
  2. Meet More Frequently!
    • with the lower cost, for the price of a one-on-one session, you could book up to 4 group sessions!
  3. Have Some More Fun : )
    • groups have added potential for a few more laughs along the way. I keep us focused, but learning is supposed to be enjoyable!
  4. More Perspectives = Better Understanding
    • with more minds coming together, we get different questions, even different explanations as I may have to explain something two or three different ways until everyone understands.