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(1/5) PURPOSE – Your Compass in Life

Why is it so important to know?

In the first part of The Architect Program, we talk about our Purpose. The reason? Because the first thing we need to understand when designing or planning anything is… why are we doing it in the first place? 

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“What it’s all about…”

There are so many things on my mind with this story (BREAK A LEG). Some obvious things that might also be rattling around in your mind right now, and some personal things specific to me as well. Writing this story filled me with a similar feeling as when I was writing my very first story, “The Toy Rocket.” The feeling, and knowing, that those dearly departed were with me throughout the writing process. My Grandparents, my Uncle Mike, and also more recently, my cousin, Chris. They were a big influence on the characters and the messages flowing throughout. Because I just feel so happy when I think about them. Period. 

And that’s a major thing that I really got and grasped from them all, and from so many other people in my life. Which is also the main idea of this story. 

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Break A Leg

Story Summary

Drake comes home late after his latest gig to find his wife, Tess, waiting up for him. His father, Hank, is sick and they need to head back to Colorado. Yet, his father’s illness isn’t the only thing on Drake’s mind. A different feeling, that he experienced when he saw Tess waiting for him after the gig is bugging him. Drake figure’s out what it’s all about, with help from his father, and the rest of his family.

Join the ride for this episode, and also hear TWO ORIGINAL SONGS that are available for purchase and download! See below if you’re interested. As always, I hope you enjoy, and that this Podcast keeps being a source for you to fill your day with something good.

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