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Electives Just Don’t Cut It

Continuing from my last blog post about getting students ready for college, electives become the next big topic to discuss. Electives are a positive thing. They are one of the primary resources in our education system—from elementary school to college—to expose students to new subjects, ideas, or skills; and to help them discover those passions and interests that light them up. That is the main purpose of electives. To help students explore what’s out there. However, they just haven’t evolved to become as useful as they can be. And so, in that area, electives just don’t cut it… anymore.

So, what are the problems with electives, what are the solutions? Also, stick to the end to learn how all of this can lead to saving big money for college tuition.

Let’s get to it!

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The Question is, When?

There’s a question I never hear being asked, which I think is an important one regarding the transition from High School to College. The question is, when? When is the right time to go to College? It’s become the overwhelming norm to send our High Schoolers straight to College, that we forget to ask this important question. When is the right time for this student? For you?

The answer should be obvious: not until you’re ready. But, what does it mean to be ready for College, and how can we get ready?

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Expose Yourself!

The major key to discovering new interests and passions is EXPOSURE, but it’s also about testing those interests and passions to see how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. Is it a life-long passion where you want to re-invent rocketry and take the planet to Mars (Elon Musk)? Or, is it enough to know a bunch of constellations, and simply be in awe of the universe (Me)? That’s important to know—preferably before we send our students to college—and it’s also not the only difference between Elon Musk and myself!

We need to teach students how (and also allow them to) expose themselves to far more things, in far less time, and for nearly zero cost.

Can we even do this?—you ask.

Oh, yea!! I’m going to show you how.

Life Design Takeaway Idea (From Story)

Doctor Who and Purpose

The takeaway idea from the podcast story, In Bloom is actually an exercise from my course, Design Your Life: Like an Architect. The story and this takeaway idea are both inspired by the show, Doctor Who. It’s the last exercise from Part I of the course which is all about discovering, uncovering, and defining your purpose (click there to read a blog post about why purpose is so important).

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Habits: The Machine of Life

Bring it back around

Your blueprint is in your hand! Holy cow, batman! Galloping gargoyles! Golly gee… ok, I’ll stop. Seriously though, it’s an incredible feeling when we finish a creation of any kind. And finishing a blueprint for our lives… even more so! But, now what? As the architect, what do we do next? Well… it’s time to build the thing! It’s time to put our plan into action and see our design come to life. Building something, though, is a whole other process that ends up opening up a new round of questioning. Just like how we started in part 1, we need to ask, “Where do we begin?” The answer:  The Foundation.