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The Question is, When?

There’s a question I never hear being asked, which I think is an important one regarding the transition from High School to College. The question is, when? When is the right time to go to College? It’s become the overwhelming norm to send our High Schoolers straight to College, that we forget to ask this important question. When is the right time for this student? For you?

The answer should be obvious: not until you’re ready. But, what does it mean to be ready for College, and how can we get ready?

When is the time to go to College? To answer that question, we need to think about what College was intended for, what it was designed to do.

The Purpose of College

Solving problems is all about asking the right questions, so let me ask a few more… 

What do you think Colleges or Universities were built to do? What purpose do you think they were created to serve? Seriously. Take just a second to think…

I don’t think they were designed to help students figure out their path or their interests and passions. Even our modern version of Universities stick to the same general purpose, to teach students a single path. Engineering. Business. Accounting. Art History. Come in the door as a Freshmen, and leave as a Lawyer. And they tend to do a pretty good job at this.

So, to be ready for College, to me, means that you are prepared to choose one of those paths. Yet, with half of the students entering College as undecided, and more than half switching their majors more than once, it becomes clear that most are using this institution in the wrong way. And therefore not getting the most out of it. With the ever-climbing price tag associated here, I think it’s something we should wait for until we’re truly ready.

When is the time to go to College? Choosing from all the options of careers and paths to go can be as overwhelming as choosing a movie to watch on Netflix!

How to Get Ready? 

How on earth do you choose a single path forward at the age of 18? What’s the secret to why some know their path at such a young age, and others don’t seem to find clarity here until they’re 50? More questions, Derek? Really?

It comes down to experience. If you try enough stuff, you’re bound to land on something you love. Throw a little more guidance in there, and it becomes inevitable that you’ll find that single path forward far sooner.

There are so many options available, so many pathways and opportunities to walk down, that I think it makes the decision process even more challenging sometimes. Like trying to pick a movie on Netflix! If you’re not inspired by the classics of Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer, Teacher, etc., then the options fan outward to an endless horizon. That’s an incredible thing, but still, an overwhelming thing to navigate without any help.

When is the time to go to College? The answer is when we're ready. And the way we become ready, is to gain way more experience than typical.

Help is on The Way!

This has been my mission ever since I navigated myself out of the dark waters of uncertainty (dramatic!): to help others find their paths, their passion, purpose, their superpower, their happiness.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing more about this topic, particularly about a new course and class I’ll be rolling out designed around mass exposure! I’m going to take what a College semester can give a student in terms of experience, and I’ll double it. We’ll take the length of that College semester, and we’ll cut it to a fourth as long. And needless to say, we’ll do it for a lot less money!

Who’s ready? 

Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have! 


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