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Nature (Podcast Episode 5)

Quindo’s Introduction

   Hello. I am sending you this because my friend Jin asked me to. More importantly, I am sending you this because I want to, because I feel I need to. I want you to experience what Jin has helped me to experience:  an awakening. I am now aware and understand the truth of our World that is hidden in plain sight. The truth is frightening, but still, it is liberating. You must listen to the whole story, as the story itself serves as the tool for your awakening.

    You see, my friend Jin approached me one night as I was leaving the restaurant where I am a Chef. As always I left out the side door to take out some trash before I would go home for the day. I heaved the two bags in my hands into the dumpster, and then I almost screamed when Jin popped out from behind it. 

    “It’s me, Jin,” he said in a whisper. He nearly gave me a heart attack, and I was scolding him for doing so when he put his hand up to interrupt me. That’s when I saw his face. He held an expression I had never seen on anyone before. Jin was worried, afraid, and his eyes were focused on mine very intensely. He spoke in an urgent whisper. 

    “Listen to me closely. We don’t have much time, and I don’t want you to be in danger too, but I also must do what is necessary.” I tried to ask a question, but he just put his hand up again to stop me, and I resigned to just listen.  Continue reading Nature (Podcast Episode 5)

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Acting a Fool

    The biggest obstacle we will always face is fear. If there is any reason we are not living our lives the way we desire, it is because of fear. Fear stops us from taking action. Fear makes us take strange and many times self-sabotaging actions. As the title for chapter 1 of Ripples: Part 2 said, “Fear makes fools of us all.” The first important part there is, “us all.” Everyone gets afraid. Everyone. Some just know how to deal with it better than others. Some have learned how to act when they are afraid because they know this fear is all that lies between where they are and where they want to be. But the other important part, the part we will be focused on, is how fear makes us turn into fools.

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Ripples: Part 2 (Podcast Episode 4)

Chapter 1 


    Taylor stood in the corner of the large room admiring her work. The room was simple, but elegant, which perfectly reflected the somber subject matter that brought everyone together, and the prominent nature of the guests themselves. She was in a room of World leaders, Ambassadors, and leading Scientists from around the World. Amongst all of this, for that brief moment standing in the corner of the room, she felt like she was one of them. She felt like she really fit in, dressed in her black gown with flecks of silver sprinkled throughout. Subtle jewelry accented the silver in her dress, and her hair was done up with a silver barrette to pull it all together. She felt like she could walk up to The British Prime Minister, or The President of The United States and start a conversation and it would be a normal thing. Then, the moment was over, and she was brought back to reality now acutely aware of the small headset she was wearing to communicate with her staff as the kitchen manager called to her.

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Being Your Best

After some careful consideration, I determined that I couldn’t say what I said at the end of the Podcast any better, so I’m going to start this blog post with repeating those words and then adding action steps you can follow to help you create some amazing ripples this month. 

From the Podcast:

The title of the story, “Ripples,” gives a little hint about the takeaway idea I was aiming for here. It’s the idea that all of our choices in life, our actions, and in-actions, big and small, create ripples in our World that extend far beyond the moment; and usually far beyond what we might be able to see or imagine right now.

I think this is an important idea when it comes to thinking about whether or not to pursue that dream or to wait a little while. Whether to do the right thing or the easy thing. Whether or not to show love and kindness, or anything else but that.

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Ripples: Part 1 (Podcast Episode 3)


The headlines on the newsstands all said it was, “The End” in one way or another. The end of days, of Earth, of Humanity. It was a bleak sight to see before entering her office building, and the energy from the people inside gave the impression that it had already happened. People were walking like zombies. Heads down, moving slowly, which was strange for NYC. When Taylor got to her floor, she was the first one there as always and welcomed the silence, the stillness, and the lack of “doomsday energy.” It had been a whole month since, “The Vision,” which is all anyone called it now, and Taylor definitely felt like the oddball around as she was still going about her life in a relatively normal fashion. While others were building bunkers and putting together life insurance policies, Taylor was still doing what she did best: plan events. And, the apparent approach of the end of the world brought in a lot of business as people wanted to party and they weren’t holding anything back monetarily. Taylor was in a meeting with a new client going over ideas for their 8-year anniversary party when Taylor’s assistant opened the office door and walked in with purpose to her stride. Continue reading Ripples: Part 1 (Podcast Episode 3)