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 “It’s the price of fame.”

 God!–she thought, as the phrase filled her mind. How many times had she heard it said to her? There shouldn’t be a price–not like this–for being good at something. 



  1. A person who is eager to know the latest news and gossip.
  2. A gossip or busybody.

Let’s Write…

** Either a story beginning, a story ending, a piece of flash fiction, a poem–inspired by the word, quidnunc, where does it take me? Where does it take you?

 “It’s the price of fame.”

 God!—she thought, as the phrase filled her mind. How many times had she heard it said to her? There shouldn’t be a price—not like this—for being good at something. 

 Charlotte signed the piece of paper held out to her, with a meager smile. Thankfully her large sunglasses covered her eyes as they would’ve given away the real emotion she wanted to express. 

 Her “biggest” fan, who had actually poked her awake, ran off clearly pleased with himself. Charlotte lay back into her lounge chair and tried to focus on the waves of the beach to calm her. 

 A breath of annoyance left her as the view of the waves was now only a backdrop to five or more paparazzi shooting frantically. They circled her like a zoo animal, an ancient palace of grandeur, or a spectacle of nature. 

 “It’s the price of fame.”

 The phrase pierced her mind again, like an attack on her soul. Charlotte certainly felt gratitude for her achieved success and gratitude that she had fans, but, just because of the profession—actress—it was suddenly socially acceptable to be impolite to her, to harass her, and to stalk her. 

 She thought back and settled on “zoo animal.” 

 “It’s the price of fame.”


 What kind of story could this be? The actress stalked by paparazzi and crazed fans in a thriller-like genre has been done. Many times. 

 So, what if it was simply written as a “drama” or a character story. What is her life like from day-to-day? And the point is to view the actions that would never be socially acceptable in any other environment. 

 People see the magazine articles, and so on, but they don’t know how “the scoop” has been obtained, or question whether it’s acceptable just because “it’s the price of fame.”

 I think there’s an interesting psychology to explore, and an exciting story here. Not a story I would typically think to write, but it has me intrigued. Again, this story has been done as well, but there’s a way to make it stand out, I’m sure. 

 The easy way to think about it, and make it different, is to simply imagine and know that this is just a part of the whole story. It’s one thread, and there will be several others to explore. Her career itself and the ups and downs there. Relationships with family, friends, and romantic. And so on.

 Last thought: I think this is even an important story to tell and tell again. The things we do as a society because ” ” insert phrase there. It’s just a quote or a phrase. It doesn’t make it right.

 Ok, I’ve said enough! Now it’s your thoughts I want to hear.

What do you think of Quidnunc? 

 What do you think of the central theme? The writing? My ideas? Share away, but be kind as we shouldn’t speak with hate just because “we have freedom of speech.” Wink, wink. 

Leave your thoughts, your own story beginning/ending, flash-fiction, or whatever in the comments! Where did quidnunc or my story take you?

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