Mystery Short Stories

Who’s Who?

(MYSTERY) A Mystery is afoot! Detective Arthur Broon is on the case to figure out who killed Mr. Henry Tish. Four suspects sit before him. A Chef, a Florist, a Musician, and Mr. Tish’s right hand herself. Join me for the ride, and in the end, you’ll also discover how to solve any problem, or any mystery, that life throws at you.

Comedy Fantasy Short Stories

The Three-Legged Knight

(COMEDY) It’s time to laugh as you listen to the ridiculous tale of Sir Morgandundunston, Lady Clara, and the forgotten land of Nussex. What was the rustling in the trees all about? And why does history not remember Nussex? Listen and discover how Sir Morgandundunston becomes a legend!  

Comedy Fantasy Mystery Short Stories

You Will Never…

(THREE STORY INTROS + YOU VOTE!)  From the dozen or so submissions I received of story starters, I created this episode. Today, you’ll hear three stories… or rather, three beginnings to three different stories and you get to vote for which one I’ll finish for the next episode! Of course… there’s a reason why I’m doing this, but you’ll have to listen to find out, why?!

Enjoy, “The Three-Legged Knight,” “The Villa Roma Mystery,” and “Cigar, Necklace, and Son.”

Fantasy Mystery Short Stories

The Man From Nowhere

(MYSTERY/FANTASY) This story has something a little extra special to it. When you’ve listened to (read) the whole story, you’re going to want to listen (read) again! Things are not as they seem…

A Novel Idea Takeaway Idea (From Story)

Show and Tell

(MY NOVEL UPDATE) – This weekend I attended the Writers Workshop in Charlotte, NC and it gave me some great knowledge and insight into the World of Publishing. I also took away a thought, and an overall attitude, that I think we all can benefit from adopting. That attitude comes from the GOAT!