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The Juggler

This is the takeaway idea from the podcast story, Death On An Airplane and it’s all about juggling 😜. You don’t have to read or listen to the story to get this post.

It’s All About Juggling

Death on an airplane is an original short story written by the roaming scholar, aka Derek Rudolph Henig

There has been a big delay between the last episode and this episode and it’s been a tough thing to let happen. But I did let it happen. 

A little over a month ago I was presented with a new teaching opportunity which would come with a new level of responsibility, a new demand on my time, and a demand on my mind too. But, it was something I felt really passionate about. Knowing it would mean a change, I took it anyway. Knowing it might mean putting the podcast on hold for a time, I took it anyway. My goals with writing haven’t changed, but they aren’t my only goals and it’s not my only passion.

I did have a slight hesitation though. Would I eventually find time to write given the new time demands? Would I find the energy to write given the new mental demands? I eventually came to the conclusion that I can do it. I can do both. Not knowing how, I knew I could do it. I knew I would find a way because… I wanted to. It took a solid month to find a new rhythm where I felt in full control again. Somehow, it was like the flood gates opened and that extra demand on my time was gone. The mental demand faded too and I had more than enough energy to do it all.

A similar thing happened to me in college. My first semester was so demanding, taking 18 credits, that I had to drop a class just to get by. Yet, the second semester, and every semester after that, I managed to take 18 credits without feeling the demand. How does that happen?

learning to juggle new passions makes you feel like a superhero

Enter The Juggler

I imagine it’s like a juggler. Once you master juggling three balls, you can throw another in there. Then, another. Every time you throw a new ball into the mix though, you’ll probably drop some. But, you pick them up and try again until eventually, it becomes easy. I had to drop the ball on the podcast for a month or so while I learned to juggle this new role, fit it into my life, find a place for it. Then, I picked back up the podcast, and all of a sudden, it feels the same as if nothing changed. The new role fits into my life as if it’s always been there.

It was a small sacrifice to get to that point, but the reward is more passion, new and amazing people in my life, new and inspiring students in my life. A total net positive.

This doesn’t mean that we should constantly be picking up new things, trying to squeeze stuff to do into every second of our existence. To me, as always, it comes down to purpose and passion. Does this new thing fit with my “why,” my purpose? Does it fill me with passion? If so, I’ll take the leap, or at least highly consider it. If not… no way. This is one of the major things I talk about in my course, Design Your Life: Like an Architect.

I go into more detail about passion and purpose in this blog post. Check it out to learn more!

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