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Careers: The Buffet of Life

Let’s Sketch Our Careers!

If you were an architect, at this stage in the process you would have all the information you need. You’d have all the details, the purpose, and the tools you have to work with. Now what? It’s time to start imagining and dreaming and forming buildings in your mind. Then, sketching different structures out before you that incorporate all those pieces we talked about earlier. And you wouldn’t settle on your first idea either. You would try new approaches, new designs, add details, subtract details. How many sketches would be enough? Enough is when you feel it. When the right one hits you… yes, that one… the perfect design sketched out before you. Your heart fluttering with the excitement of it and you stare at it, marvel at it. It’s incredible! Beautiful! Perfect!

That’s the feeling we want to have with our careers! We want to marvel at it (how lucky am I to be doing this?!), and get excited about it (Tomorrow’s Monday!). We want to love it! This is why we wait until now to figure out career and work, because the more we fulfill our purpose here, the more it fits into the desires of our life, and the more interests we can use together… the more amazing you’ll feel about what you do every day.

The Buffet

There are so many options out there when it comes to working. So many! And that’s not to mention all the new opportunities being invented all the time. Blogger? YouTuber? Virtual Assistant? With technology and the internet, there are even the possibilities of having “side hustles” on top of our regular day jobs with a lot less effort and time commitments needed. Then, there’s the non-money side. Raising a family counts and is a great way to fulfill your purpose and use your interests. Volunteerism, same thing. It’s all work in the end, and it’s like an amazing buffet, isn’t it?

It’s like standing with an empty plate before a buffet of amazing options. We wouldn’t settle on any part of that meal! Choose a main course that delights. If you need a few sides, make them your favorites! In the beginning stages of my journey, I satisfied my interests and purpose and desires in various different ways. Everything was separated and distinct. Today, I’ve been able to pull them in together. I get to be creative and inspiring (hopefully) with my Podcast. I get to help others figure out what they love with this program here. Anything I want to do is open to me (and believe me I’ve got more ideas to implement!), and anything is open to you too. Let’s find some incredible possibilities for you! With so much out there, it’s literally impossible to not find something you love.

Let’s Eat!

design your life: like an architect is a DIY coursebook to help anyone discover their direction in life. From choosing a college major, to a new career path, this coursebook will help you figure it out! It covers, purpose, desires, interests, careers, and taking action!

Download Design Your Life: Like an Architect, and when you finish the exercises in Part 4 you’re going to have a ton of amazing options for how you can take all the previous parts and infuse them into your work and into your life. This is what most people come to this e-book for… to figure out the career part. At the end of Part 4, you’ll realize why we waited until almost the end to address it. Now, the hardest choice will be to choose one! And then again… do you have to pick just one? I didn’t! 

Need more convincing? This is getting out of hand! Ok, fine : ) … Visit Design Your Life: Like an Architect page, or check out my next post on what Part 5 is all about!

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