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(2/5) DESIRES – The Color of Life

The color of life. The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including our Desires!

Why now? Why 2nd and not 5th?

Part 2 in The Architect Program is all about our desires, about the finer things in life (picturing myself with a cigar, glass of whiskey, and a robe by the fire… lol). Ok, but seriously, why do we need to focus on our desires? And why now? 

Imagine again that you’re an architect designing a building. You know the purpose of the building you need to design now. So, what do you ask yourself next? Hmmm… how about… “What do I want this to look like?” Right? Before we start putting lines on the page, we want to know the details. How many windows? Central air? What architectural style do we want? Translation: what’s the lifestyle we desire? Where do I want to live? House? Cars? Relationships? Health?

If we just tried to figure out your career, or your next entrepreneurial venture, without looking at the WHOLE picture… you could again, similar to not knowing your purpose, be designing something, pursuing something, that seems great on paper, but just doesn’t fit into the life you actually want.

The Color

Our desires are about adding color and style to our design. Without this, we’ll end up with a very functional, but plain and boring blueprint. We want color! And we want to cover everything, every area, with all that color. We want every area of our life to be vibrant and exciting and amazing. We want to live it, not just move through it.

Knowing the things I desire has changed my career for one. I wanted, desired, the ability to be anywhere. To not be tied to a certain location. So, I shifted my tutoring business to be an online business. And now, coaching online. It’s allowed me to move to a new State to fulfill other desires. I’m aiming for full vibrancy in my life! How about you?

Design Your Whole Life!

The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including our Desires!

Download The Architect Program coursebook, and when you finish the exercises in Part 2 you’re going to have an amazingly detailed picture of the life you want. We’ll leave no stone unturned with tips and a checklist. It’s going to be really exciting just reading and/or seeing those things you’ve placed into the design of your life!

Need more convincing? Visit The Architect Program page, or check out my next post on what Part 3 is all about!

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