** This really has nothing to do with clouds.

It starts with just a single molecule—or at least that’s the easiest place to start–with a molecule of H2O. Tiny, out of sight, out of touch, and out of any physical sense we can muster… except for our imagination. It starts with just that one molecule of H2O.

But then, unseen forces of electromagnetic attraction, thermodynamics, and even gravity push and pull upon that molecule until it finds another to connect with. To spin around with. Separate, yet connected. Then, that pair finds another pair, and then another. It doubles, and quadruples, and on and on a million times over, until it’s there; a wisp. 

In view only to those looking for it. A wisp in the sky barely the size of a finger. Still water, still H2O, the same as it began, yet it’s more clear, more concentrated. Now the wisp gets moved by waves of pressure, by winds. It’s swayed and pushed around this way and that, stretched and morphed like Play-Doh. But, just like the single molecule, the wisp finds another and they merge. Again it doubles, and quadruples, and on and on a million times over until that wisp becomes a cloud.

The stretching and pushing of pressure, and of temperature, seems fainter. The cloud morphs, but only at the edges, only where it continues to gather more wisps and now other clouds. There is a firmness at its center. It’s still water, still as it began, yet its presence is clear… it’s known by all, for it can’t be ignored now. Anyone who looks up will see it. Can’t be thwarted or crushed, not avoided or removed from the sky. It becomes clearer to see, darker in color as the molecules, and wisps, are pulled tighter, condensing closer. 

No longer can we look through the mass, imagine it as a mere momentary formation—something of mere chance. It’s too solid now, too thick. Eventually, it all squeezes so close together that the wisps become drops, and all that started as mere vapor falls to the Earth as rain. Covers the land with its life and the Earth is better for it; all are better for it. For that… is the nature of our dreams. 

A dream begins as a single thought, builds to a frameless wisp of an idea— moveable, stretchable, even vulnerable to outside pressures and internal doubts. But, if you hold on, keep building it, keep absorbing ideas, and keep growing it; the dream becomes more solid, and more real. It develops into having a solid core, while the fine details can still be shifted and morphed. The dream grows until it becomes impossible to ignore, impossible for you to doubt if your dream is something real. In fact, to not pursue it, would be as detrimental to the World as depriving it of rain. I believe that.

The World needs your ideas, your vision, your perspective, and innovation. The World needs more and more people who pursue that spark inside of them; people who decide to make things better because they can; make things more fun and enjoyable because they can. It doesn’t matter how big, or how small that dream is… if it changes one thing for the better, it changes everything for the better.

So, don’t delay. We need your dream. Go get it! 

PS:  I seriously have an obsession with clouds. I could actually sit and stare at clouds for an hour… and I’ve done it! It fascinates me to watch them move, and grow; imagining the forces that are pushing them about, and pulling them together. Anyway… you get the idea… obsessed : ) Does anyone out there love clouds as much as I do? Wanna start a cloud club? Lol. Just kidding. Have a great day! I hope it’s partially cloudy wherever you are!

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Sign me up for your Cloud Club. I’ll contribute some high-end intellectual insights, too, like, “Wow,” “Cool,” and “So fascinating!”

Oh, yea! I like the sound of the “Cloud Club.” Your excellent insights will be much appreciated… especially, “So Fascinating!” 😂

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