** This really has nothing to do with clouds.

It starts with just a single molecule—or at least that’s the easiest place to start–with a molecule of H2O. Tiny, out of sight, out of touch, and out of any physical sense we can muster… except for our imagination. It starts with just that one molecule of H2O.

Life Design Mindset Takeaway Idea (From Story)

Just Get Started

This post is the takeaway idea from the short story, The Toy Rocket. There may be “spoilers” if you haven’t already read the story. But, you also don’t need to read the story to understand this post! Alright, here we go! 

The central message, or lesson, in this first story is to not spend forever trying to make your ideas perfect. Do not wait for the ideal pathway to open up before you. The idea is to just get started, right now.