Patient and Attentive!

Derek was a wonderful tutor and I will totally request his help again for the fall semester! He respected my pace of work and was patient and attentive with me which i greatly appreciated!

Always made time for me!

He always made time for me when I needed it, and helped me to the best of his abilities every time we had a meeting. I wouldn’t have done as well in my classes without his help.

Beyond Expectations!

Derek was an absolute pleasure to work with as I made arrangements with him be my son’s tutor for Honors Chemistry. Derek’s professionalism and ability to connect with my son was beyond any expectations I could’ve dreamed of. Immediately, after the first session, my son couldn’t wait to book another one. Derek has a way of not only explaining the work but he also encourages his student to truly think through the concept being discussed. He wants to ensure that his student has a full understanding of the subject. As a parent, I was so impressed with Derek’s dependability and flexibility to meet my son’s schedule. My son’s test scores improved immediately after our tutoring sessions began. I know that without Derek, my son wouldn’t have passed the class. Frequently, I listened in and would be amazed at Derek’s knowledge of the subject. I truly couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my son’s final grade and we were both in agreement, that it had everything to do with Derek’s tutoring. I would highly recommend Derek to be your tutor and again, cannot say enough about his passion towards seeing you succeed.

Taught me to solve problems

Derek is an incredible tutor. I often got frustrated with my assignments because I struggled to master the material, but Derek was always very patient and has literally never gotten annoyed with me. He always did his best to try to help me while also encouraging me to try to think through questions/problems for myself. Whether it was Calculus or SAT/ACT prep, Derek was always a big help in making me a better student and test taker. He also gave me great career & life advice that I still abide by into my college years. Can’t go wrong with him as your tutor 😄

Patient, and Understanding

Derek has been tutoring me for years. He is patient, understanding, and takes his time to get to know his students and how they learn best. If I struggled to understand something, he would find a new way to explain it to me until it made sense. There’s a reason whenever I needed help I would always ask Derek, he truly is an incredible tutor and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help!